Project Description


6 each salmon fillet, 6 ounce
1 ½ bunch asparagus spears, jumbo, bottoms cut off, stems peeled
6 ounce crabmeat, jumbo lump

Bearnaise Sauce:

½ t cracked peppercorns
1 T tarragon, fresh chopped
3 each tarragon, stems
2 ounce tarragon vinegar
1 ½ ounce white wine
2 ounce water
6 ounce yolks (about 8 each)
16 ounce butter, unsalted, melted
as needed kosher salt
as needed pure ground white pepper
2 T tarragon, fresh chopped
1 T chervil, chopped


Salmon Oscar (6 portions):
Season salmon fillets with kosher salt and pure ground white pepper. Sear salmon fillets (presentation side down first) in sauté pan with clarified butter until golden brown; turn over until golden brown. Remove from sauté pan and place on sizzle platter, continue to cook in the oven until desired temperature is achieved. / Place peeled asparagus tops in salted boiling water. Once tender remove from water, toss with melted butter, season and plate. / Toss jumbo lump crabmeat with chopped parsley, butter, kosher salt, pepper. Arrange all ingredients on the plate and finish with bearnaise sauce.

Bearnaise Sauce:

Combine peppercorns, tarragon (chopped and stems) and tarragon vinegar; reduce over medium heat until sec (almost dry). Add wine and water. Strain through chinois into stainless steel bowl. Add egg yolks to water mixture and place over water bath. Whisk constantly until thickened and ribbons form. Stream in warm butter until incorporated. Season with salt, pepper, tarragon and chervil. Serve warm.



Reprinted with permission from the American Culinary Federation and Credit: Chef Lance Cook, CEC, CCA
The National Culinary Review, September 2019